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Annexing the Possibilities: The Victorians Institute Journal Digital Annex

Linda K. Hughes, TCU (Texas Christian University)


1 As Dino Felluga points out, NINES has been “aided by Jerome McGann’s million-and-a-half-dollar Mellon Achievement Award, which he has dedicated to this effort” (306).

2 Elsevier and Kluwer (now part of Springer), electronic vendors of scholarship in science, medicine, and technology, have long been known for the high prices they charge to libraries; earlier in his essay McGann cites Kluwer and Elsevier as examples of “highly capitalized commercial entrepreneurs” (79).

3 See McGann 80-81, Felluga 310-11, Brake ¶ 38-44, Purdy and Walker 180-81, 184-86, Folsom 1573, 1576-77, McGill 1594. This is by no means an exhaustive survey; additional sources can be found in the Works Cited of the scholarship I’ve cited.

4 Another as-yet unresolved question is the difference in cognitive processes when we read digitally or online. I have found that I read more carefully and skillfully in hard copy than online: writing that appears satisfactory online turns into appalling prose when I print it out for editing, and though I read faster when I read online I retain more of what I read from print. Colleagues with whom I have informally spoken confirm similar experiences, though this may be due to our status as digital immigrants. At least one academic investigation of student reading, however, found that they, too, comprehended better when reading in print than online (cited in Brown 393). I have neither the expertise nor the space to pronounce judgment. The differing reading capacities I experience online and in print, however, form another reason to celebrate the hybrid print-digital format of VIJ. For a balanced, judicious overview of the claims of web- and print-based reading, see Nowak, who at the time of posting the article was a University of Toronto graduate student in the iSchool.


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