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Peer Reviewed

A Draft List of Published book and periodical contributions by Robert Seymour

Brian Maidment, University of Salford

Seymour’s posthumous publications

[54] n.d. Seymour’s Pictorial Legacy, Being the Life and Adventures of Hippins Hiphippins, Esq. edited by ‘Larkspur,’ and illustrated by the only original drawings of Seymour that have not yet been published, etched on copper by ‘Steel’. A flyer for this work exists [54 i] and states that ‘This work is published monthly by Messrs. Sherwood, Gilbert, &; Piper, Paternoster Row, and will consist of twenty numbers, price One Shilling each.’ I have, however, found no evidence that the work was ever published. This work may have been one of several attempts to help Seymour’s family after his suicide. See also [21a ] and [53].
[54 i]
[54 i] Flyer
[55] n.d. [c.1836-1838] Selections from Seymour [55 i – iii]After Seymour’s death, a number of lithographic printers and print dealers seem to have tried to help Seymour’s family, and a series of images were issued by the lithographic printers and print sellers Tregear and Lewis under the general title of ‘Selections from Seymour’. Some of these prints were issued in colour while others were printed on coloured paper. They were based on plates from the Sketches, but printed on larger sheets.
See illustrations: [55 i] | [55 ii] | [55 iii]  

Later collections

[56] Gallery of Comicalities, Embracing Humorous Sketches by the Brothers Robert and George Cruikshank, Robert Seymour and Others (London: Charles Hindley n.d.).

A reprint of ‘Comicalities’ mainly published in Bell’s Life in London between 1827 and 1829. Includes ‘The Drunkard’s Progress, in Twelve Steps from Designs by Robert Seymour’ (c. 1829), and ‘The Pugilist’s Progress in Nine Steps’ signed by Seymour, both taken from Bell’s Life in London. See [35 ii – x].
[57] Robert Seymour Pictures (Humorous Masterpieces Series No. 4) (London: Gowans and Gray 1906).