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“What a certainty of instinctive faith I have in heaven, and in the Mama’s living on”: Unpublished letters of Mrs. Gaskell and unpublished Gaskell family letters.

William Baker, Northern Illinois University

Letter 11


372 Gillott Road, | Edgbaston, | Birmingham. | Nov. 1904. | 10 Frederick 110.@

Dear Mrs. Crompton,

Many thanks for the photograph of Mr. Crompton, which I much value. I was sorry not to find you when I called to pay my respects; and I would have written before hand if I could. But I was on duty at Crooksbury, & it was impossible to say beforehand when or whether I should be free for 4 hours.

I have since met the Bennetts at Chapel Street, where a fortnight ago much to my surprise, I was called upon to preach. So I expounded a little bit of Comte’s Abstract Calendar.

From time to time I am fairly likely to be doing a turn for Dr. Walters. On those occasions I expect always to manage to get off to see the Morleys@
(who are now at the “Dial House” close to Frensham Post Office) & you.

I am sorry to say that our old friend Mr. Oliver@ is far from well; from time to time he gets ill enough to take to his bed; & now & then we have reason to be anxious. Just now, I believe there is no cause for extreme anxiety.

Remember me kindly, please to Miss Crompton; & believe me, with best thanks.

Very truly yours,

Charles Gaskell Higginson

Mrs. Henry Crompton