Author in Context: The (Mary) Godwin - (Mary) Shelley Circle

Faculty: ErinWebsterGarrett 
Group Description:
This course, targeted to upper-level English majors at Radford University, takes as its aim an opportunity for students to have a sustained exposure to the emerging context of digital Romanticism and to a unique coterie of writers known for their own highly experimental and innovative approaches to literature, artistic creation, and political philosophy.  In addition, students in the course will explore through group and individual projects the complex idealism of the Godwin-Shelley circle  in order to examine our  own understanding of the art and the artists's social responsibility.  We will utilize a blend of print and online texts and will require extensive exploration of online and specialized databases and resources in the creation of a final digital project.  
Group Type: Classroom
University: Radford University
Course Name: Godwin-Shelley Circle
Course Mnemonic: ENGL 470

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