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Maria K. Bachman and Don Richard Cox, Editors
Keaghan Turner, Associate Editor

Welcome to the Digital Annex of the Victorians Institute Journal, companion to the annual print issue. Volume 44 will feature three-four selected papers from the 2017 Victorians Institute conference on "Recovery." Of particular note is the winner of the Patrick Scott Award for the Best Graduate Paper, Joshua Benson's "Biopolitical Murders and Literary Prophylaxis in On the Face of the Waters." 

Comments may be added by using the "Discuss" button on the right-hand side of the page.  (Note: All papers have been edited and proofread by the individual authors). Links to Volumes 38-44 of the Annex (also available for discussion) are accessible below. 

In addition, under the "Articles" heading, users can explore the online journal's "Text" section, which presents rare, inaccessible, or newly-edited archival materials. One feature of note is the long-lost play Mysteries of an American City, edited and introduced by Jamie Bridges, University of Birmingham. 

An award-winning, refereed scholarly annual, VIJ publishes articles, reviews, and newly edited texts of interest to Victorianists. It was begun in 1972 under the editorship of Conrad Festa. For many years it was edited by Donald Lawler at East Carolina University, and from 1994-1999 it was edited by Beverly Taylor (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Mary Ellis Gibson (UNC-Greensboro). David Latané (Virginia Commonwealth University) served as editor from 1999-2009, and Ellen Rosenman (University of Kentucky) served from 2009 to 2014. VIJ is now located at Middle Tennessee State University and at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, under the joint editorship of Maria K. Bachman and Don Richard Cox. Submissions to the print journal and the Digital Annex should be sent to

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