on sequences, noise and Juxta.

If you mention tokens and strings to a textual scholar, do not be surprised to receive a polite reprimand in response. Most consider the vocabulary inherited from computer science undeserving of the rich realities of the texts they hold hear, and with good reason. We have already endured an uphill battle against older, more insidious forms of […]

Image of the Week: The Mall, Central Park

Here in Charlottesville we had the only few inches of snow that we will get this year. They will probably disappear during the course of the warm day. This haunting winter scene on the Mall in Central Park in New York captures very well the mood this morning. The black and white oscillation over proliferating […]

Visual representation of moves in the Cahier

Juxta and excess: The case of Aimé Césaire

(Guest post by Alex Gil – cross-posted at Juxta) I’m a PhD candidate in the English Department at the University of Virginia currently working on a digital edition of Aimé Césaire’s early works under the sponsorship of  l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and ITEM. Some of this work also moonlights as my rather schizoid dissertation […]