Image of the Week: Battle of Chattanooga

Image of the Week: Battle of Chattanooga

This chromolithograph, produced in 1880, depicts the 1863 Chattanooga Campaign of the Civil War.  After a series of successful attacks led by U.S. Grant on November 23-24, the Federals would hold the “Gateway to the Lower South” until the end of the War.  For more Civil War artwork, check out the Library of Congress Civil […]

Anecdote of the Error

Last week, for my American Modernist poetry class, I was assigned to read Wallace Stevens’ “Sunday Morning” and to write a short response.  Prior to this semester I had little to no exposure to Stevens’ oeuvre, yet after a week of reading his poetry, I felt myself growing into an enthusiast.  Feeling more at ease […]

Image of the Week: Baseball

Now that football season is officially over, we can look forward to enjoying America’s pastime.  In honor of African American History Month, here’s a photograph of Morris Brown College’s baseball team, circa 1899 or 1900.  Courtesy of the Daniel Murray Collection from the Library of Congress.

Image of the Week: Illuminated Page of Shelley's "The Sensitive Plant"

Image of the Week: Illuminated Page of Shelley’s “The Sensitive Plant”

Here is an illuminated page from a 1910 edition of Shelley’s lesser known poem “The Sensitive Plant.”  This ornate (and perhaps a bit ostentatious) illustration of Shelley’s non-canonical poem reminds us of the value once attached to literature now overlooked.  Courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.

Image of the Week: American Heritage

Image of the Week: American Heritage

After hearing an NPR interview on Columbus Day with Timothy Egan, author of Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher: The Epic Life and Immortal Photographs of Edward Curtis, I decided to share a particularly striking example of Curtis’ work.  Curtis’ portraits, taken at the beginning of the twentieth century, document and commemorate the lives and […]