Image of the Week: The Political Cobbler

Image of the Week: The Political Cobbler

From the Forget Me Not annual in 1831 comes this engraving by Henry Chawner Shenton (after a painting by Alexander Chisholm) which depicts a cobbler at home, surrounded by his family. One supposes that the title comes from the moment illustrated, in which the cobbler negotiates the price of a figurine from a peddler passing […]

Image of the Week: Ad for Panorama of Pilgrim’s Progress

John Bunyan’s allegorical narrative, The Pilgrim’s Progress from This World to That Which Is To Come (1678) was an extraordinarily popular work of religious literature, even through the nineteenth century. This advertisement from the Library of Congress’ American Time Capsule Collection, invites visitors to see a panoramic exhibition of the famous religious narrative, and promises […]

Image of the Week: Honest old Abe on the Stump

In honor of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, this week, we’ve chosen to showcase this satirical drawing of Abraham Lincoln after his nomination as a Republican presidential candidate in 1860. According to the summary provided by the Library of Congress, The artist contrasts Lincoln’s modest posture at the Illinois Republican state convention in […]

Image of the Week: “Banner of the Third United States Colored Troops”

During the American Civil War, the United States Army assembled regiments of African-American troops to help in the fight against the Confederacy. This week’s image shows a banner from one of these regiments, with the motto, “Rather Die Freeman Than Live To Be Slaves.” (NYPL – African American History Collection)  

Image of the Week: Seaside Library

In honor of some new objects added to NINES in recent weeks, this week’s image comes from the France in America collection at the Library of Congress. Nineteenth-century publisher George Munro issued many popular serial novels in the Seaside Library collection of books, including this one, Balsamo, Or Memoirs of a Physician by Alexandre Dumas. […]

Image of the Week: Paris Fashions, 1847

This week’s image showcases the finest in men’s and women’s fashions from Paris in 1847. Browse more interesting apparel, thanks to this search of New York Public Library’s collections.

Image of the Week: The Stockholm Olympics, 1912

Though it takes us a bit beyond the 19th century proper, this week’s NINES image takes us back to 1912, when the Olympics were hosted by the city of Stockholm, Sweden. The Library of Congress Bain Collection offers a number of fantastic pictures from the 1912 games, which can be perused here. Bonus Olympic goodness: […]

Image of the Week: Summer amusement

Image of the Week: Summer amusement

In this satirical print from Isaac Cruikshank (father to George Cruikshank), we see one summer’s less enjoyable aspects: the arrival of all manner of bugs. This and many other prints by the Cruikshanks can be found in the British Cartoon Prints Collection at the Library of Congress. Happy summer from all of us here at […]