New feature: footnotes

After the most recent wave of Exhibit Builder development in Collex, the NINES development team experimented with a number of exhibit types, including annotated bibliographies, essays, presentations, and thematic tours of our partner sites. In doing so, we determined that … Continue reading

New and improved exhibit setup

The development team at NINES has been investigating ways to make the Collex exhibit building process easier and more streamlined. We’ve come up with a new Exhibit Wizard to guide each user through the creation of a new exhibit. From … Continue reading

NINES as a creative space

  There has been a lot of discussion surrounding Facebook’s  newly revised Terms of Service (TOS), and for good reason. The wording has been changed to imply that Facebook reserves the right to do whatever it wants with the content you add to your profile, even after you have disabled your account.   Now that […]