grinding ] gnashing: Juxta collation of Delany’s Blake yields insights into the novel’s uncertain conclusion

Martin R. Delany was an African American abolitionist and political activist.  His only novel, Blake, or, the Huts of America, features runaway slave Henry Blake, who travels through the American South disseminating a “secret” which implicitly foments a slave rebellion, although such is never explicitly stated.  Although Delany sought to have the novel published as […]

Work Flows and Wish Lists: Reflections on Juxta as an Editorial Tool

Work Flows and Wish Lists: Reflections on Juxta as an Editorial Tool

I have had the opportunity to use Juxta Commons for several editorial projects, and while taking a breath between a Juxta-intensive term project last semester and my Juxta-intensive MA thesis this semester, I would like to offer a few thoughts on Juxta as an editorial tool. For my term project for Jerome McGann’s American Historiography […]

Image + text: the Gettysburg Address

  To accompany this week’s image, NINES Fellow Elizabeth Fox assembled all five copies of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address into one comparison set in Juxta Commons and collated them to see how they differ.  Use the embed window below to peruse a heat map of this collation, with the Nicolay Copy as the base text. […]

Using the Critical Apparatus in Digital Scholarship

[cross-posted from the Juxta blog]      As the Juxta R&D team has worked to take the desktop version of our collation software to the web, I’ve found myself thinking a great deal about the critical apparatus and its role when working with digital (digitized?) texts. In the thumbnails above, you can see a page image from […]