Image of the Week: The Perils of Early Aviation

  Gaston Tissandier (1843-1899) was a French chemist, meteorologist, aviation pioneer, and adventurer. Along with his brother, Albert, he edited the French scientific journal La Nature, which aimed to popularize science. Gaston was particularly interested in ballooning, and during the Franco-Prussian War in September 1870, he made a spectacular escape from besieged Paris by balloon. […]

NINES in DHQ 3:2 (Spring 2009)

The latest issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly contains a special cluster of essays on the topic “Done,” edited by Matt Kirschenbaum. The three essays — by William Kretzschmar on the Altas Project, David Sewell on the UVA Press Rotunda Imprint, and Susan Brown et al. on the Orlando Project — all take up the questions […]

COST Action 32: Open Scholarly Communities on the Web

Launched in April of 2006, the COST (Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) Action 32 is an initiative dedicated to creating a research infrastructure for humanities scholarship on the Web. Meant to foster international cooperation between projects and communities already pursuing digital humanities scholarship, this group facilitates collaborations among scholars and allows for healthy […]

John Bryant on ‘Melville Unfolding’

Dedicated  NINES Editorial Board member John Bryant has a thought-provoking article posted on National Sexuality Resource Center site: “‘Melville Unfolding’ and Beyond: Looking at culture, sexuality, and the fluid text.” Not only does Bryant provide an intriguing introduction to Melville’s novel, Typee, but also crucial insight into the research and development of his Fluid Text […]


Thanks to the generosity of University of Virginia Press, NINES was able to set up a space for demos at MLA in San Francisco this year. It was a great opportunity to show off the redesigned interface and meet other scholars interested in digital scholarship. As Lisa Spiro has noted, there were a several panels […]

NINES makes news

The NINES project was recently featured in UVA Today, a newsletter dedicated to research at the University of Virginia. The timing couldn’t be better for showcasing our redesigned interface. Also, in case you haven’t seen it, HPCWire posted an interview with 18thConnect organizers Laura Mandell and Robert Markley about humanities computing in late November. It’s a […]


Erik discusses Solr, the technological heart of Collex, on Episode 32 of WebDevRadio.

NINES and Collex “à la loupe”

A new online journal, L’observatoire Critique des ressources numériques en histoire de l’art et archéologie, has published a splendidly comprehensive review of NINES, Collex, and related projects. It’s rare that you feel your work has been so thoroughly “grokked,” and we’re extremely gratified by the care that has been taken in this review. It is […]