New peer-reviewed resource: The Yellow Nineties Online

New peer-reviewed resource: The Yellow Nineties Online

Congratulations to Dennis Denisoff, Lorraine Janzen Kooistra and the whole team at The Yellow Nineties Online, the newest peer-reviewed resource in NINES! This project, which brings in more than 400 new objects, is dedicated to the study of The Yellow Book and other aesthetic periodicals that flourished in Great Britain in the 1890s. Visit the site […]

New peer-reviewed resource: The Correspondence of James McNeill Whistler

NINES welcomes our newest peer-reviewed resource, The Correspondence of James McNeill Whistler, edited by Margaret F. MacDonald, Patricia de Montfort and Nigel Thorp. Originally a project of the Centre for Whistler Studies, the project is now supported by University of Glasgow. This online edition includes the Letters of James McNeill Whistler from 1855-1903,  as well as those of […]

Newly peer-reviewed and updated: The Swinburne Project

Congratulations are in order for editor John Walsh and the team at The Algernon Charles Swinburne Project at Indiana University. Although a preliminary phase of the site had already been aggregated by NINES, a new review was scheduled after the scope of the project had expanded in the past few years. We’re happy to announce […]

Image of the Week: Outlines from the antique

The early Victorians were famously enamored of Classical art and architecture. This book from the New York Public Library, An illustration of the Egyptian, Grecian, and Roman costume (Thomas Baxter, engraver),  is an excellent example of the kind of picture book that became quite popular in the nineteenth century, and served as a forerunner of the […]

Image of the Week: Valentine’s Day Delight and Vexation

This humorous pre-Civil War Valentine’s Day image comes from an 1855 issue of Harper’s Magazine. Titled “The Valentine: delight, vexation,”  the illustration depicts two extremes of emotions possible in observations of the holiday. For more images like this one, see the New York Public Library’s Mid-Madhattan Picture Collection of African-American life–1850s.

Image of the Week: The World's Columbian Exposition (Looking South between Electricity and Mining Buildings)

Image of the Week: The World’s Columbian Exposition (Looking South between Electricity and Mining Buildings)

  The 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago was considered at the time to be an engineering marvel and one of the most significant events in U. S. cultural history. Designed by Daniel Burnham and Frederick Law Olmstead to be the prototype of their ideal city, the massive exposition (which came to be termed “The […]

Image of the Week: Muybridge motion study

This week’s picture is a study of motion by Eadweard Muybridge, from an 1887 collotype. Muybridge began his career as a landscape photographer, but is best known for works like this one: sequential studies of bodies (usually those of animals), illustrating the minutiae of locomotion. The story goes that the first of these photographs was […]

Image of the Week: The Life and Death of Jason, Kelmscott frontispiece

This gorgeous image of the frontispiece of the 1895 Kelmscott Edition of The Life and Death of Jason comes from Morris Online Edition, edited by Florence Boos. Click through to flip through the whole book, browse other editions of the work, and see other supplementary materials.