text encoding

Rare Book School Courses, Summer 2011

Course offerings for Rare Book School at the University of Virginia have been listed, including “Digitizing the Historical Record,” taught by NINES Director Andrew Stauffer (Associate Professor of English at the University of Virginia) and Senior Advisor Bethany Nowviskie (Director of Digital Research & Scholarship for the University of Virginia Library). Other available courses include: […]

AccessTEI digitization program

The Text Encoding Initiative, in partnership with Apex Covantage and with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, has launched AccessTEI, a program for digitizing texts (whether printed or manuscript, in any language). The program provides bulk-pricing on the transcription and (structural) xml encoding of text, for those at institutions that are members of the […]

The case for structured data

  As the number of projects contributing to NINES grows, more and more I find myself answering questions about structured data. Why XML?  How does one choose between formats like that of the Text Encoding Initiative and other databases? These are good … Continue reading