Rare Book School Courses, Summer 2011

Course offerings for Rare Book School at the University of Virginia have been listed, including “Digitizing the Historical Record,” taught by NINES Director Andrew Stauffer (Associate Professor of English at the University of Virginia) and Senior Advisor Bethany Nowviskie (Director of Digital Research & Scholarship for the University of Virginia Library). Other available courses include:

6-10 June: “Analytical Bibliography” taught by Stephen Tabor (Curator of Early Printed Books at the Huntington Library)
Analyze skeleton formes, press figures, type recurrence, chainlines and watermarks, standing type and multiple impositions, shared printing, woodcut and type wear, and more. Read a full course description at:

13-17 June: “Provenance: Tracing Owners & Collections” taught by David Pearson (Director of Libraries, Archives and Guildhall Art Gallery at the City of London). Learn more about inscriptions, palaeography, bookplates, heraldry, bindings as provenance evidence, sale catalogues, tracing owners, and the recording of provenance data in catalogues. Read a full course description at:

18-22 July: “The American Book in the Industrial Era, 1820-1940” taught by Michael Winship (Iris Howard Regents Professor of English II at the University of Texas at Austin). Study the introduction and impact of new industrial production technologies; the rise of trade publishing and other publishing systems in America; methods of book distribution as the book market expanded across the continent, especially the role of bookstores; reading, readership, and the ways in which readers acquired and used books; and the importance of the international trade in American and British books and texts both before and after the 1891 international copyright law. Read a full course description at:

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