Call for Blog Posts on Juxta Commons

Just over a year ago NINES hosted a sharing competition asking users of Juxta Commons to share their favorite comparison sets. In the same spirit, NINES is excited to announce a new series of blog posts that will focus on the exciting uses that the Juxta community is finding for the tool. NINES seeksĀ blog posts relating to Juxta Commons to be shared on both the NINES and Juxta Commons blogs. Possible topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Juxta Commons as a classroom tool
  • Interesting discoveries made with Juxta Commons
  • How Juxta Commons facilitates your research
  • The limitations of Juxta Commons and what you would like to see from future developments
  • Comparison of Juxta Commons to other collation software

Stephanie Kingsley kicked off the series the past two weeks with her posts on “Work Flows and Wish Lists” and race, orthography, and enlightenment in Delany. Contact if you are interested in sharing your work and thoughts on Juxta Commons!

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