NINES Community interests as seen through tags

One of the options available to NINES users is the ability to tag objects with their own keywords – as many as they would like. These keywords can be used for personal reference (that is, while researching, preparing class materials or exhibit building) but they are also shared anonymously with the entire NINES community to facilitate browsing. And, when examined more closely, the most frequently used tags tell us a bit about the interests of those most active in the NINES community.

The bar graph above shows the top 25 most often used keywords in NINES, and the frequency of their use. Unlike the great majority of NINES tags, which may be idiosyncratic and the result of one or two users’ interests, these keywords have been used as many as 150 times to describe NINES objects, and are more likely to reflect multiple users’ research and interests. Below is a glimpse of the top 3!

Frontispiece (150 objects, as of February 13, 2012)


Maps (141)


Portrait (128)


Browse the tag cloud or search and add your own tags to the NINES community today!

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