COST Action 32: Open Scholarly Communities on the Web

Launched in April of 2006, the COST (Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) Action 32 is an initiative dedicated to creating a research infrastructure for humanities scholarship on the Web. Meant to foster international cooperation between projects and communities already pursuing digital humanities scholarship, this group facilitates collaborations among scholars and allows for healthy debates about the best practices for scholarly editing and publishing online. Its members represent some of the most innovative and impressive work emerging in Europe, including Discovery Project partner sites  HyperNietzsche (edited by Paolo d’Iorio and soon to be NietzscheSource), HyperWittgenstein (soon to be WittgensteinSource, edited by Alois Pichler), and SchopenhauerSource (presented by Matteo V. d’Alfonso) among many others.

Late in 2008 NINES was invited to join COST Action 32, first and foremost to continue the development of our textual collation tool, Juxta, as a web service adaptable to other online frameworks like Talia. Associate Director Laura Mandell (Miami University, Ohio), Developer Nick Laiacaona (Performant Software) and I traveled to Göteborg, Sweden last week to attend the most recent meeting of the group, and to share our own institutional goals with European scholars. Our presentation (and the ever unpredictable live demo) was well received, and I hope to see a number of new sites passing through the NINES peer review process in the near future.

More news about Juxta for the web and other transatlantic development projects will be posted in the coming weeks.

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