NINES in DHQ 3:2 (Spring 2009)

The latest issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly contains a special cluster of essays on the topic “Done,” edited by Matt Kirschenbaum. The three essays — by William Kretzschmar on the Altas Project, David Sewell on the UVA Press Rotunda Imprint, and Susan Brown et al. on the Orlando Project — all take up the questions as posted by Kirschenbaum: with regard to digital humanities projects, “How do we know when we’re done? What does it mean to “finish” a piece of digital work?”

David Sewell gives considerable attention to John Bryant’s Typee project, and mentions its aggregation into the NINES federation:

“We could generate RDF metadata files in the format used by the Collex tool created by Jerry McGann and his NINES team. In July 2007 we did this, so that the base view of each manuscript page exists as an indexed object in Collex, along with the editorial introduction and the publication home page.”

Kudos to DHQ and these authors for the very interesting set of thoughts on the challenges and rewards of uncompletability.

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