The Digital Humanities: challenges and accomplishments

The amazing coordinators of DH 2009 (held this year at College Park, Maryland) have put together a YouTube channel of “lightning interviews” with various attendees of the conference. The participants were asked to address the main challenges and/or accomplishments of the the Digital Humanities, providing some insightful and personal reflections on these fundamental concerns. NINES Director Andrew Stauffer (University of Virginia) pinpointed the importance of sustainability in a world of flux and innovation, Associate Director Laura Mandell (Miami University) focused on the necessity of good data, and Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Co-editor of the NINES ¬†Romantic ¬†Editorial Board and President of Synergies, drives home the benefits of (interdisciplinary) collaboration.

Watch the videos below, and be sure to visit the channel for more. You can also check out the posts from Twitter, shared with the hash tag #dh09.

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