NINES Summer Workshop, July 2010

After the success of last year’s workshop in Dublin, NINES is once again collaborating with the with the Digital Humanities Observatory in Ireland for our summer workshop, 2010. We’ll also be working with the folks at EpiDoc Collaborative to expand our offerings in text encoding and markup.

NINES Summer Workshop, 28 June to 2 July 2010

Four major strands will be offered:

  • A Practical Introduction to the Text Encoding Initiative
  • Data Visualisation for the Humanities
  • An Introduction to EpiDoc Markup and Editing Tools
  • The One to Many Text: Text Transformations with XSLT

The Summer School will feature lectures by Dr. Hugh Denard (King’s College London Visualisation Lab) and Dr Ian Gregory (University of Lancaster). Workshop facilitators include Dr Gabriel Bodard (King’s College London), Dr James Cowey (University of Heidelberg), Professor Laura Mandell (Miami University of Ohio), Dr Susan Schreibman (Digital Humanities Observatory), Justin Tonra (NUI, Galway) and Dana Wheeles (NINES, University of Virginia).

A mini-workshop on Wednesday  builds on the following offerings:

  • Geospatial Methods for Humanities Research
  • Using Digital Resources for Irish Research and Teaching
  • Visualising Space, Time and Events: Using Virtual Worlds for Humanities Research
  • Finding the Concepts In the Chaos – Building Relationships With
  • Data Models
  • Planning Digital Scholarly Resources: A Primer

Please note that the NINES Summer Workshop / DHO Summer School takes place immediately before the annual Digital Humanities 2010 conference in London.

The deadline for NINES applications is January 31, 2010. For more information on how to apply, see the NINES workshop page.

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