Collecting NINES results in Zotero

The most recent update to Collex includes a new feature that serves up Zotero-friendly metadata for all of NINES objects in search results, tag lists and Publication groups. This is the first in a series of development tasks in which we hope to better integrate NINES with the superb Firefox plug-in created by the Center for History and New Media that facilitates collecting and sharing objects all across the web.

If you are a Firefox user and you’ve installed Zotero as a plug-in, a little folder icon will appear in the URL bar of your browser whenever you are on a page with collect-able objects. Simply click the folder and choose which objects you’d like to save to your Zotero library. In the not-too-distant future, we plan to allow you to sync your NINES objects with your Zotero objects, making Exhibit Building with external links much simpler.

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