Image of the Week: Ad for Panorama of Pilgrim’s Progress

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress

John Bunyan’s allegorical narrative, The Pilgrim’s Progress from This World to That Which Is To Come (1678) was an extraordinarily popular work of religious literature, even through the nineteenth century. This advertisement from the Library of Congress’ American Time Capsule Collection, invites visitors to see a panoramic exhibition of the famous religious narrative, and promises it will be “instructive and entertaining to a high degree.”

Browse this saved search in NINES to learn more about the reception of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress in the nineteenth century.

2 responses to “Image of the Week: Ad for Panorama of Pilgrim’s Progress”

  1. Kristin Jensen

    I had the privilege of viewing the Grand Moving Panorama of Pilgrim’s Progress when the canvas was on display at the Portland Museum of Art a few years ago. It was pretty amazing. The canvas was re-discovered somewhere in southern Maine, I think. As I recall, the scenes on the surviving canvas were not from the original Pilgrim’s Progress but from one of the sequels. We did not get the moving panorama; sections of the canvas were hung in the museum’s main gallery. I bought a set of postcards with details from the canvas.

    Aha, here’s some info: Looks like the four scenes excerpted match up with Parts II and III in the ad above.

  2. Dana

    That’s so cool, Kristin!

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