Image + text: the Gettysburg Address

photo from the gettysburg address

Gettysburg Address, from Library of Congress


To accompany this week’s image, NINES Fellow Elizabeth Fox assembled all five copies of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address into one comparison set in Juxta Commons and collated them to see how they differ. ¬†Use the embed window below to peruse a heat map of this collation, with the Nicolay Copy as the base text. The darker the highlighting, the more other texts differ from this copy, and you can learn more about each revision site by clicking on the text itself.

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  1. Alex Gil

    I love this! I think this is a harbinger of the neat ways that Juxta will be able to integrate into multi-modal arguments online. To me it lays bare the fact that Lincoln (or his speech-writer) softened the language. should => may, in all propriety is a gem! When you couple this with the image of rough-hewn soldiers above, the effect is fantastic. I for one tend to associate these sorts of revisions with a different audience. The juxtaposition cures me of that instantly. Thanks for the post, Dana!

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