2010 Year In Review

Last year I wrote a post leveraging the new analytics data we’d begun keeping for NINES, breaking down our site activity based on new members, tagged and collected objects. When starting a tradition such as this, one always hopes that each year will be better than the last — and I’m happy to say that 2010 was an active year for NINES. Much of this activity is due to the new Classroom section, which streamlines group discussion and exhibit building for teachers.

The numbers:

  • New users: 643
  • Objects collected: 3,453
  • Objects tagged: 1,117

Our most active sites in 2010 were commercial providers, who allow NINES users to search their material freely but require subscription for full access. Project MUSE’s Victorian Poetry had the most objects collected, with JSTOR’s American Literary History as the runner-up.

As of this month, we also have a full year of Google Analytics information for NINES, which tracks the visitors to our site who do not have accounts. We had an average of 300 visitors to our site every day, with September -December 2010 as our most active months (roughly 500 visitors per day). Google is by far the largest traffic source for NINES, with The Rossetti Archive, Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net, and Facebook also sending large numbers of referrals. Most of our users come from the Unites States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, but India and Australia also seem to be quite active.

Thanks to all of you who helped NINES grow this year! As always, we welcome your questions and feedback (inquiries at nines dot org).

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