WHAT ARE TAGS? A tag is simply a word you use to descibe an object you find in NINES. Tags make it easy to organize and browse large collections. To join two words together use a hyphen (oil-painting) or an underscore (oil_painting).
"native_heath" "peter_parley" -test 10 1795 1800 1808 1828 1851 1859 1860 1862 1871 1875 1892 1895 1896 1900 1910 1911 1915_sf_exposition 1917 1997 1998 1999 2 2000 2002 2005 20th-century_views 29th 384c_paper 5th 6th 830_demo a abdy abjection abnormal abolitionism ac07 academic_monograph accessory actéon activism actor actress adam adam-smith adams addiction adultery advertisement advice aesthetics affinities africa african african-american african_american agency ahab alastor albert albion albumen alison_chapman allusion all_collected_recs altar altarpiece altick alva_belmont ambrose ambrose-burnside ambrotype amendment america american american-art american-civil-war american-cooking american-south americana americanwar american_captivity_narrative american_comics_history american_history american_pastoral american_revolution american_west analogy anatomy and andrew_jackson androgyne angel angels anglo-irish_history animal animals annotated_bib annual annuals antebellum anthropology anti-suffrage antietam antiquarian antiquity antislavery apostrophe apparition applied-color appomattox appreciations apsaroke arabian_nights arcadia arch archaeology architect architecture architecture_830 archival archives argonauts argument aristocracy arm arnold arnold_and_huxley arrests art art-criticism art-history art-school arthur arthurian arthur_hallam article artist art_history art_nouveau art_spiegelman asia assassination assyria astarte astor astronomer astronomy asylum athenaeus athleticism atlanta atr august_weismann austen author authorship autobiographical autobiography autumn avant-garde_art aviary babcock baby bachelor bachelorhood baillie balloon barbauld barnum bartering bathing baudelaire bazalgette beachy beard beardsley bears beatrice beatrix beauty benjamin_west besant bhagavad-gita bib bible biblical bibliographic bibliography bicycle bierce bijou biltmore binding bindings binding_article binding_commentary biography bip bird bk blackbird blackface blackwoods black_and_white black_press_history blake blind blue_mesa bl_copy bm_copy bobolink body bois book bookcase bookishness bookplate books book_illustration book_review border-romance borgia boston botany botticelli bourgeois bovary bowling brave bridges british broadside bronte bronte_poems bronze browning brown_friend bryan_waller_procter buddha buddhism buffoon bulwer burial bust-length bwrp byron by_the_author_of_renshaw_fanning's_quest cabinet caduceus cage california camera camp campfire cannibalism cannon canon capitol caribbean caricature carlyle caroline_lamb carriage carroll carte-de-visite cartoon cartoon_history case casson casteras castle castle_rackrent cat catalogue catalogue_raisonne cathedral cather catholicism cats cattle cavalcanti cave ceilings celebrated celticism cemetery cenci ceremony champagne character charleston charles_chesnutt charles_conder charles_eliot_norton charles_kingsley charlottesville charlotte_bronte charlotte_bronte's_story_telling chastity chat chateau chaworth chemistry cherry cherub cheryl chess child childhood children children's_games children's_writing childrens-literature china chine chinese chivalric chivalry choices chopin christianity christina christina-carroll-rossetti christina-rossetti christmas church cigar circus cistercian citation citizenship city civil civil-war civilwar civil_war clairmont class classical_test classicism classics clemence_and_laurence_housman cloning clothing clough cock_lane_ghost coleridge collection collective_biography collex collexreport colonial colonialism color coloured-plates columns commentary company compassion complete complete-knowledge composer comrade comstock conan condition_of_england_novel confederacy confessions congress consist consists constitution contains_scott's_note_on_gilpin_horner contemporary contra_dance cookbook cookery cookery-american cookery-american-regional cookery-hawaiian copyright corelli corpus correspondence costello costume cottage cotton covent_garden cover cow cows creative_commons crimea criticism criticism_collins croatia crow_nation crucifix cruikshank crypto-catholicism crystal-palace cuba cultural-theory cultural_capital,_bronte_sisters cultural_study cultural_work culture cunard cyberpunk daguerreotype dakota damozel dancer dante darwin david davy de dead_end death death_of_a_wombat death_rituals decadence decadent decorative-arts decorative_elements deeds deformance degas demo dequincey design dessin de_certeau de_quincey_and_economics dgr dharma dialect diane diary diaspora dickens dickens_letter dickinson dictionary diderot digital-humanities digital-romanticism digital_archives digital_best_practices digital_humanities digital_scholarship dimension dinosaurs diodati disciplines disease distribution divorce dodworth's_hall dog doll dolores domestic domestic-life domesticity domesticwomen domestic_work dominican_republic donizetti donkey donne double-portrait doublework doubleworks doublure doyle dracula drawing dream dream-vision drift drinking du dublin dumas dumaurier dutch early_gothic_novel earthquake east-india east-meets-west east_end_1 eaves ebb ec ecocritical ecocritical_theory economics_of_digital_scholarship edgeworth edith_wharton editions editorial education egley egypt ekphrasis elections elective elective_affinities electra elegy elephant elgin eliot elizabeth elizabethan_dgrossetti elizabeth_siddal ellen_terry emancipation emblem embroidery emerson emerson_time_period emigrants emily_dickinson emma_bovary emotion enchantment enclosure endpaper england engraving enlightenment enoch_arden enslaved_afrikans entrepreneurship ephemera epic essay essex etching etiquette_manuals eton eugenics eulogy euphemism europe every eve_of_st__agnes evolution examiner exhibition exhibitions exhumation experience explorers exposition_universelle fable facsimile facsimilie_example fairies fairy_tales fallen1 family family_life fanny_fern,_actual_book farm fashion fatal-habit father faust february felix-culpa female female-saints femalegothic females female_sexuality femininity feminism feminist feminist_theory femme-fatale fenimore-cooper fiction figure filibuster filler fire firmament first flaubert fleshly flora florence florence_nightingale flower flowers flowrets fly folklore food football footfall footprint for foreign forget-me-not formal fortuneteller fort_sumter for_project foucault four france frances_willard francis frankenstein franklin-expedition fraser's_magazine frederick_bohrer frederic_to_william_james free-trade free_love french french-creole french-cuisine french_revolution friedrich friendship frog from frontispiece fruit fs-secondary fuller full_text fun funerary funerary_art fungi furniture furthertest fuseli galapagos gallery gambling garden gardening gaskell gaskell_and_women gastronomy gay gender gender_criticism genealogy general genre_pictures gentility george_eliot germ german german_idealism gettysburg ghost ghosts giftbook gift_of_main's_treasury_of_english_sonnets_to_fmr gift_of_main's_treasury_of_sonnets_to_fmr gilchrist gillray gilman ginncircular giorgione giotto girl girlhoods girls gladstone glass goats gobineau goblin god goddess gold gossip gothic gothic_1 gounod government goya graal grail grant graphic graphicdesign graphic_narrative graphic_narratives_and_postmodern_literature grasmere greek greyhound grotesque guenièvre gustave_dore habit hacking hailmelancholy hair haiti half-length hamlet hammer hangover hanuman happy harp harpers_ferry harriet_beecher_stowe harriet_jacobs harriet_martineau harvard harvard-yale harvey hat hawaii hawthorne haydon hayes head healing health heat heathcliff helen hellenism hemans henry henry-james henry_r__robinson heritage heroines heroism higginson hinduism historic historicism historiography history history_of_comics history_of_comics_and_cartoons history_tattoo hodgepodge holman-hunt holman_hunt holmes home homer homesickness honesty hope hopkins horace_dorrington horror_vacui horse housekeeping house_of_life howells hudson-river-school hugo humor hunt hunting hurricane huxley hydra hypertext hypnotist hysteria ice iconography identity idylls_of_the_king illuminated illustrated illustration image image_only imperial imperialism impressionism in india industrial industrialization influence ink inscription instruments interior_design international_relations intertextuality ireland irony iron_mill islam it italy jackson jamaica james jameson janemorris jane_austen january japan japanese jason jazz jefferson jenny_book_cover jerusalem jewelry jmwturner johnston john_muir john_worth_edmonds joseph_conrad josiphorvat journal journeys joyce jstor juliamargaretcameron just juvenile_religious_lit juvenilia keats kelmscott keyword kidderminster kingsley kinship kipling kiss klamath knights_templar know lady lady-franklin lady_audley's_secret lady_byron lamarckism lamb lamia lancelot landor landor_letter landscape landscapes landseer larmarckism last latinitas law leaf leaves_of_grass leigh leigh_hunt leisure lel leonardo lessons letter letters lewis_and_clark lexicon liberty library liddell life life-writing life_writing light lighthouse lilith lily lincoln line-drawing lisa listing lit literacy literary_criticism literature live lives llandaff london london_images longfellow look_into_for_diss_ lord_byron lord_nelson louisiana louisiana_purchase louvre love loyalty luck lucretia lutyens lytton m machiavelli machinery macmillan magdalen-hospital magic magic-crystal magic-glass magic-lantern magic-mirror magic-veil magnate maiden man mandan mandell manual manuscript manuscrit map maps marble_faun mardi mardi_gras marginalia marian marillier maritime market mark_twain marriage mary mary_barton mary_prince masculinity materiality material_culture mathew_brady maxfield_parrish may maybe_pro mayor mazeppa mazzara mazzini mcgann mcgann,_game mcgann_copy mcgill media mediality medici medicine medieval medieval-revival medieval_revival mediumship medusa mel melancholy melville memory men mental_health menu mercator mermaid mexico michaelmas michelangelo middlemarch milder militaria military mill millinery milton mirror missionaries moby_dick mona monet monk monkey monogram monster monstrosity monticello morality morgesons mormon morris mort mother mountain mourning movies moxon mrs__carlyle mss murray museum museums mushrooms music musical-setting music_print muybridge myth mythography mythologie mythology my_first_tag name-dropping namerican names napoleon narrative_form narrator nation nationalism native-americans native_american native_americans naturalist nature nature_writing navy nebraska nebraskan negative_us-japan_relations neo-classicism neo-gothic nervous-narrative nest neutral new news newspaper newspaperman newton new_mexico new_orleans new_year new_york niagara nice night nightingale nineenth-century nines nineteen nineteenth_century ninevah nineveh noah non-poetry normative north north_and_south north_carolina nostalgia not notebooks not_it novel novels novel_analysis nude nudes nursing nypl o30 o5 object40 obscene obscenity odyssey of old old_man oliver_twist olympics on one open opera ophelia opium oral oregon ornamentation oscar_wilde_image otos ouvriers overbeck ownership oxford ox_camb_ninevah p paestum page-proofs pain painter painting palmerston palmifera pandora panizzi paper paradise paranormal paratext paris parody partridges parts party pastmasters patchwork_girl pater patriotism patronage pattern pencil peom periodical periodicals personification petitioning petrarchan phantasmagoria philadelphia philanthropy philosophy photo photograph photography phrenology physiognomy piano piano_etudes piano_forte pickwick_papers picture pictures picturesque picture_frames pierpont-morgan pieta pioneer piracy pirates plantation play ploy poe poem poems-and-ballads poet poetess poetessword poetic poetry poets polar-exploration political_cartoons politics popish popular popular-culture popular_culture_of_the_19th_century porch pornography portia portrait portraits portrait_of_a_lady positive_us-japan_relations post-structuralist postmodernism postmodern_comics potions practice prb pre-raphaelite pre-raphaelitism preraphaelitism prerism president priestley print pro pro-slavery_defense profile project prometheus_unbound proofs property proserpine psychoanalysis publishing puck pulitzer punch puritanism quattrocento queens queer queer_culture quens race racism radcliffe radio rafael railroad railway rain rainbow ravens reader reading real_estate reason reception redbook redwoods reflection reform refugees regiment regionalism religion renaissance reproduction republica_dominicana reused_binding revenge review reviews review_of_book revolution revolutionary_war richard_doyle richmond risorgimento rjug rochford rodeo romant romanticism roman_de_la_rose rome romey_leigh romola rondeau rondels rosalba rosamund_ball rosamund_marriott-watson roscoe rosseti rossett rossetti rotunda rousseau royal royal-collections royal-navy royal_academy ruins rules ruskin russia ruth_herbert sa sacred saints salem_story:_reading_the_witch_trials_of_1692 sanitation santa_claus santo_domingo san_francisco sappho sarah_siddons sarcasm satire satiric_images sawyer scarlet_letter scholar school schoolmaster sciece science science_fiction scientific_movement score scotland scribners sculpture sea seance seated secondary secondary_source secularization seduction seeing seminar_1 sensibility sensual sentiment sentimentalism serialization serious_call_ref sermon sewing-machine sex sexuality sex_work seymour sh shadow shakespeare shalott shame_george_eliot shattock- sheet_music shelley shepherd sherlock sherman shirley shopping short_story should shrt sibylla sibyls siddal simcox sioux sirwalterscott sir_arthur_conan_doyle sir_walter_scott sketch sketches skull sky slave slavery slaves snake snow social socialism social_activism sociology sodomy soldier solr song song-of-los songs-of-innocence sonnet sonnets_for_pictures soprano soul souls southey southwestern_humor south_london spear specialization spectacle spectre spenser spine spirit spiritualism sports spr star stars steamship stereograph stereoscopic stereotyping stiles stoddard stoppard story storytelling stothard stowe studio st_catherine st_petersburg st__louis_cardinals subjectivity sublime succotash suffrage suffragettes suffrage_drama sunset superstition superstititon surtees swedenborg swinburne swinburne_rosetti_1869 switzerland sword symonds symphony table tale tattoo tax teacher technology telegraph temperance tennyson tennyson-review tent test testing test_tag text textuality thankful thanksgiving that the the-bostonians theatre their thel theophrastan_character_ref theory theosophical-society theosophy the_princess the_whale the_yellow_book this-is-a-test thomas-cole thomas_dixon thomas_dixon_reconstruction_trilogy thomas_haliburton thoreau thoughts thoughts-related three tibullus tickets tiger time times tippecanoe tirzah tissandier titian title-page to tobacco tom tombe toread tourism toy trad trail traits transcendental transcendentalism transition translation travel travel_narrative travel_writing tree trial trilby triptych tristram trollope tupper twelve twentieth-century two two-women typewriter t__h__huxley uncle-tom uncle_toms_cabin university unknown_location unpublished uofdelaware_copy urban urizen us_lit utah utpicturapoesis uva uva_copy vampire vampires vanity varney vasari vatican venice vernon_lee victoria victorian victorians victorian_art victorian_death victorian_literature victorian_poetry victorian_studies victorian_women_novelists victrioa villanelle villette violence virginia virginia_woolf virtual visual_art visual_art_poetry_letters vita_nuova vocation volcano volume_11 volume_12 volume_2 volume_5 voting_machines wagon walpole walt walter-savage-landor waltz walt_whitman war washington-dc watercolor watts wcbryant wctu weather wells whales whale_hunting whale_people whaling wheatley whistler white_house white_whale whitman widows wilde wilkie wilkie_collins will willa_cather william-godwin william_gladstone william_james william_james_to_alice_james willow windsor wings winsor_mccay winter winter_palace wireless wise wish witchcraft_in_old_and_new_england wittegenstein woe wolverley woman woman_bonnet wombat women women's_labor womens women_and_nature women_going_public women_writers woolf worcester worcestershire wordsworth wordsworth_letter wordsworth_lyric_poem_daffodils working_mens_college world-famous world-noted worlds-fair worlds_columbian_exposition writers writing ww wyoming xhosa xxx yellow_book york yorkshire_dialect yosemite zeppelin zoas zola zoo zoto
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