Setting up a free Collex account is the easiest way to become a member of the NINES community. Sign up today to access to a personalized MY 9s page, where you can organize your collections, tag and annotate items and share your research using the Exhibit Builder.

Everyday users of NINES are important contributors to the project. We encourage you to create a Collex account which will let you collect, tag, and annotate digital objects you locate in NINES as part of your own research. The tags you apply to objects in your personal collections then become part of the Collex system, helping other users locate and re-purpose scholarly materials.

NINES is always in search of new projects and digital materials to be aggregated into the Collex interface. If you administer a project in nineteenth-century studies that you would like to be peer-reviewed by the NINES Editorial Boards please contact us at $$$$.

If you are just beginning a digital project, and would like to learn more about creating effective and sustainable online scholarship, you may be interested in applying for  sponsorship to DHSI through NINES. Instead of running separate workshops (as we have done in previous years) NINES and DHSI have teamed up to ensure the best possible instruction for scholars interested in TEI markup, databases, multimedia work and other issues in humanities computing.



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NINES is directed by an Executive Council, with a Research and Development Team overseeing software development and the integration of new resources. Three discipline-specific editorial boards peer review each scholarly project before it is aggregated. To get a sense of the variety of projects already a part of NINES, visit the full list here, or take a look at the frequently updated NINES Project Map at Google Maps.