IVANHOE is a shared, online playspace for readers interested in exploring how acts of interpretation are made and in reflecting on what those acts might mean.

The explorations come as active interventions in the textual field that is the target of the readers’ interests. These interventions are then returned to the players in various kinds of visual transformations useful for critical reflection on the interpretative process. These reflections become computerized transformations of the discourse field into visualizations that expose interpretive relationships and possibilities.

The visualizations are mapped to three interrelated coordinates: the players acting in the field; the moves executed by the players (comprising sets of multiple actions); and the documents that are acted upon.

IVANHOE creates a formalized digital space where these three coordinates dynamically interact. Such interactions generate a complex interpretive field whose possibilities of meaning are returned to the interpretive agents in visualizations designed to provoke critical reflection and re-exploration.

A special issue of Text Technology describes IVANHOE in depth.

For further information or to experiment with our live demo, see the IVANHOE website »»