the NINES team


NINES is not just a committee of concerned scholars who mean to discuss the problems and opportunities presented by digital technology. Because an important part of our mission is to gather a significant body of digital scholarship and criticism of every kind under the auspices of NINES, outreach and the support of new projects is essential to our operations. In addition to the development of tools to help scholars and students produce their work in digital form, we have also set up a series of summer workshops for scholars who are working on digital projects: to answer their questions and help them get their scholarship recognized.


NINES sponsors summer workshops to promote the development of computerized scholarly projects in 19th-century British and American literature and cultural studies. NINES workshops will bring a dozen or more scholars together to work on their individual projects in an environment where they can interact with other scholars who are also doing digital projects in closely related historical and cultural areas. NINES will make available to these scholars the tools and development expertise that have become a major part of the culture of digital humanities during the past 10+ years, and may offer financial aid to applicants.


Every year, NINES sponsors graduate student fellowships and internships for students active in Digital Scholarship at the University of Virginia. These students develop their own digital projects while contributing to the everyday operations of NINES.

NINES Fellows for 2011-2012

  • Heather Bowlby
  • P.C. Fleming
  • Alex Gil
  • Elizabeth Ott
  • Joanna Swafford



  • Heather Bowlby
  • Chris Forster
  • Kenneth Price
  • Joanna Swafford
  • Sarah Storti


  • Jean Bauer

Heather Bowlby and Kristin Jensen (both Ph.D. Candidates in UVa’s Department of English)  also joined NINES as interns for one year to brainstorm and initiate work on their proposed topics.


  • Paul Fyfe
  • Melissa White