NINES sponsors summer workshops to promote the development of computerized scholarly projects in 19th-century British and American literature and cultural studies. NINES workshops will bring a dozen or more scholars together to work on their individual projects in an environment where they can interact with other scholars who are also doing digital projects in closely related historical and cultural areas. NINES will make available to these scholars the tools and development expertise that have become a major part of the culture of digital humanities during the past 10+ years, and may offer financial aid to applicants.

Announcing the NINES / NEH Summer Institutes, 2011-2012: Evaluating Digital Scholarship, University of Virginia.

How does the profession of literary studies evaluate and grant credit for born-digital scholarship? What are the intellectual stakes of such work, and how might we better understand the changing nature of scholarly inquiry and communication in a digital age? NINES (Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-century Electronic Scholarship) will be hosting two NEH Summer Institutes (in 2011 and 2012) focused on these issues, gathering together digital practitioners in the field and administrative/institutional leaders to advance the conversation. We aim to address the range of literary fields and periods, with an eye towards producing collaborative working papers that might influence the larger cultures of peer-review and promotion/tenure in the profession.

Organized by Laura Mandell, Susan Schriebman, and Andrew Stauffer, and co-led by Amy Earhart and Andrew Jewell, the 2011 Institute will be focused on five broad categories or aspects of humanities scholarship, with attention to the specifics of literary studies:

  1. conceptualization
  2. evidence and discovery
  3. remediation
  4. interpretation
  5. communication


Twenty-two participants from a range of academic institutions will be attending this summer’s institute, taking place May 30 – June 3. In the fall of 2011, another call for applications will go out for the 2012 institute. Please contact us at $$$$ with any questions.



  • June 28-July 2 2010, in partnership with the DHO in Dublin, Ireland.
  • July 2009, in partnership with the DHO in Dublin, Ireland.
  • July 2008, Miami University, Ohio (see the TEI agenda)
  • June 2007, University of Virginia
  • June 2005, University of Virginia